Nautical New Year

2016 is sure to be a Nautical New Year with gorgeous 520’s like luxurious catamarans WindScape and Silver Lining becoming available with a 15% discount. We predict sandy shores and unforgettable blue seas in your future!


Our friends at Voyage Charters have announced available dates for the new year and we’re so excited to help you find the perfect fit for your dream vacation. Escape the cold in January from the 24 – 31st. Or maybe the week of the 3 – 10th in March is ideal for some rest and recuperation. Juggling the numerous schedules of your kids can be stressful, so perhaps the summer months would be more fitting. Choose from May 18 – 25 or July 26 – August 2.


It’s never too early to start planning for next year’s holidays! Have an early Thanksgiving to remember November 10 – 17th. Relieve the stress of finding the Christmas gift that’s just right for family, coworkers and friends. You’ll be sure to find some local island treasures December 9 – 16th.


Both of these classy cats are 52 feet in length and graced the seas in 2011. Silver Lining can accommodate up to 7 passengers comfortably. Her cabins include but aren’t limited to a king cabin and 2 queen cabins. Any time not spent swimming, diving or exploring the islands can be spent enjoying it’s ice maker or coffee press. Windscape is a more spacious option, accommodating up to 11 passengers in her 5 queen cabins and 1 single cabin. She’s got a fully equipped galley with air conditioning as well as an ice and water maker. Either of these catamarans would make a great home away from home.



Interested? Wonderful! Contact one of our expert bareboat brokers, Melody, Joann or Mallorie.


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Winter Yacht Vacation

This winter season, trade your coats and mittens for shorts and flip flops. Viking Dream has available dates in November, December and January and a deal that’s hard to refuse: an all inclusive Winter Yacht Vacation with a discount of *$2,000 on any 7 night charter!

*They request you eat 1 lunch, plus one appetizer and dinner ashore at your own expense.


This discount is available from Sunday the 22 in November through to Saturday the 12 in December. But it will resurface again in January! Choose from January 5 – 12th or January 24 – 31st.


As if this deal wasn’t good enough, Viking Dream is pleased to sweeten it with their offer for a Red Hook pick up and drop off service, which will cost an additional $800. This is an add on that the experts would urge you to consider. It will cut down on the time, costs and confusion of a ferry ride from your landing location to your pick up destination, getting your vacation started right away.


Sailing aboard the Viking Dream means staying in one of 3, fully air conditioned queen cabins by night and soaking up some sunshine on one of it’s trampolines by day. If you’d like to learn about sailing you can ask Mark and Sally, as they are both qualified instructors and love to impart their knowledge, but are equally happy to pass you a cushion and bring you an iced drink while they sail the yacht!


You deserve the kind of holiday that leaves you relaxed, tanned, and feeling like part of the family on a luxury yacht . Those kinds of vacations are all we know at Virgin Island Sailing and we know you’ll be in capable hands aboard the Viking Dream.


Interested? Wonderful! Contact one of our expert all inclusive crewed yacht specialists, Emily, Ellen or Melody!




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Virgin Island Yacht Vacation

Virgin Island

The holidays often consist of being in the heart of the hustle and bustle of shoppers, noise and chaos. This year, we think you belong in the heart of the Caribbean islands, floating in unfathomably blue waters, enjoying exotic island cocktails, and digging your toes into sun warmed sands. Virgin Island Sailing is delighted to provide you with the perfect escape route to your holiday island getaway: a Virgin Island Yacht Vacation.


Let us welcome you to your home away from home: all inclusive luxury yacht Hypnautic. In case the name alone isn’t enough to convince you of how dedicated her crew is to the sailing life, we’ll tell you a bit about them. Captain Jose Velez has extensive sailing experience that began in the Great Lakes of Michigan and transitioned him to the BVI. First mate/chef Pixie Stevens grew up boating on Lake Michigan where she found a love of international cuisine and customer service, which she took with her in her adventures in the BVI with Captain Jose.


Together they keep the Hypnautic in top condition. Her  44’8” in length launched in 2007, making her a seasoned sailing companion. Her Golden Pear interior wood varnish creates the perfect atmosphere for creating memorable moments. Snorkeling gear, floating lounges, hammocks, kayaks, water skis, tubes, wake boards and LED underwater lights offer instant opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and sea in solitude or as a group.


Hypnautic has available dates during the weeks of November 21 to December 18th of 2015. They are so excited to share their sailing enthusiasm, they are discounting their rates by 5% across the board with no limitations on type of charter or number of nights. The rates are all inclusive for 7 nights and based on 2 passengers per cabin. For 2 passengers, the cost is $11,000.00, 3 passengers is $11,500.00, 4 passengers is $12,000.00, 5 passengers is $12,500.00 and 6 passengers is $13,000.00.


Interested? Wonderful! Contact one of our expert all inclusive crewed yacht specialists, Emily, Ellen or Melody!

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