Antigua Charter Yacht Show

Our very own crewed yacht broker, Emily Mack had the pleasure of attending the Antigua Charter Yacht Show in December. It was a perfect opportunity for her to catch up with the captains of many of the yachts our clients sail on year round as well as tour some impressive mega yachts. We’re excited to show you some of the photos she took a long the way. show was at the Nelson’s Dockyard Marina in English Harbour, the Falmouth Harbour Marina and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina, both located in Falmouth Harbour. Emily was one of hundreds of brokers representing 135 yachting companies from all over the world. The show was from December 4th – 10th and offered yacht viewing for 8 hours of the day. The show also offered a continental breakfast as well as a decadently catered lunch.

Yachts ranging from 51 to 296 feet in length were present for the event from yacht companies like Yachting Partners International, Nicholson Yachts and Dream Yacht Charter. There were 88 yachts total. As always, it was wonderful for Virgin Island Sailing to be welcomed to the ever fabulous Antigua Charter Yacht Show.


Vacation Packing

Life before the internet… We don’t want to think about it. Thank goodness we didn’t have to while gathering these helpful tips for a successful Caribbean Vacation. We’ve scoured the travel blogs for the opinions of the experts… Whether you’re taking a trip with your significant other, kids or favorite friends, we believe we’ve got a few hacks to improve your vacation packing!


1. Prone to motion sickness? No worries! These PSI bands seriously work . At VISailing, we can personally attest to it. Two of our employees used these on the entirety of their first sailing vacation and found them to be crazy effective. If you’re even a little bit concerned about the motion of the ocean, consider purchasing one of these guys. Your vacation memories will thank you for it! Amazon has them here (7 colors to choose from!) for $15 plus shipping.


2. Since we’re already on the subject of medical things, let’s talk about traveling with the essential meds. We’re talking Tylenol (or Advil, Ibuprofen, Aleve, ect.), cold medicine, laxatives, eye drops, allergy medicines, bug spray, sunscreen, aloe vera gel. Each of these things may hold a special place in your heart after a long day in the sun or on the sea. As much as we hate to admit it, these items will be pricey in the islands so you’d be wise to pack them in advance.


3. One of our favorite recommendations is this one. Most of the reviews we receive from happy clients tell us that less is more… when packing, cut the number of clothes you think you need in half. Whatever you decide to bring along, bundle and roll. What we mean here is put together a full day’s outfit (shirt, shorts, undies, bra, swim suit) and roll them. This will save space and eliminate wrinkles. Now, grab that over the door shoe organizer you likely already have in your closet. Dump it out and place your rolled clothes into the compartments. After that, put your flip flops, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, ect. in the remaining compartments. Roll the organizer and pack it all in your suitcase. When you arrive aboard your charter, pull the whole kit and caboodle out and hang it over the door of your cabin. You’ll be glad you did – most cabins don’t offer a ton of storage space and this should remedy that problem.


4. The need for towel clips is real on a boat. You wouldn’t think we’d need to say it but… it’s just safer this way. But you don’t have to buy them! It’s really easy to make them. Take one of your office clips and tie a piece of ribbon through each hole. Tie the other ends of the ribbon around something sturdy on the boat and clip it to your towel. Yay security!


5. Make copies of your drivers license and passport just in case.

6. Team uniforms are awesome for all kinds of kids, whether they’re to help you keep track of your young ones or your young at hearts.


Satisfaction Luxury Yacht

When the stress of the work week is overwhelming and you need some one-on-one time away with your significant other, Satisfaction Luxury Yacht could be just the cure for what ails you. She is a luxury yacht with a stellar crew, perfect for two passengers looking to enjoy the islands and relax.


Aptly named, the Satisfaction is as luxurious as it gets. Her crew, Rik and Anne Allen, only know world class accommodations. They have extensive sailing and water sport background that they love to share with clients-turned-friends. Rik’s 30 years of sailing experience and intimate knowledge of the islands, combined with Anne’s enthusiasm for marine life and extensive menu will make for an ideal vacation for thrill seekers. Anyone desiring a relaxed vacation of island luxury can look forward to evenings spent playing chess with Rik and decadent desserts a la Anne.

Take a tour of Satisfaction with us. Enjoy sunbathing on the front deck lounge. Or spend some time admiring the views from the aft deck.

Satisfaction is not short on seating by any means at all. She offers aft deck bar seating as well as a lush salon. Enjoy an iced cocktail or chilled Carib beer from a comfortable seat.

The cabin and attached en suite bathroom are the perfect size for two. The islands have a tendency to inspire the kind of adventure that will wear you out. The Satisfaction offers all of the wonderful comforts of home in a queen sized bed that’s perfect for collapsing onto in exhaustion at the end of an eventful day in paradise.


Interested? Wonderful! Fill out this availability form or contact one of our expert all inclusive crewed yacht specialists, Emily, Ellen or Melody!


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